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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hung out with Chalene again today doing Chalean Extreme Burn it off and Push 3, one of the reason I love this workout is that they are short and to the point no unnecessary fluff, get it done in about 30 mins each.

Picked up some surgical stockings at What on Earth warehouse sale on my way from work today, didn't even know what they care but saw the 80% sign and turned in. The surgical stockings are made by Bauer & Black and they are 25-35mm compression but what I realy like about them what that it is above knee goes to my thigh but the best part is that it is open toe still cover to mid foot right below my toes, I wore it under my jeans for a while and it didn't roll down, didn't even realize I was wearing it, got to take a picture. The price was great since the have a bag special going on anything you could fit in a bag for $10, picked up some cute tee shirts too.

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Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

You are such an inspiration running so much!