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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Did not run today since I have a race tomorrow although it was a beautiful today with cooler temperature which I am grateful for since the Burning River 100 miles race is taken place this weekend, mild temperature with occasional drizzly was great for the runners, they are still going but the 1st and 2nd male are in at an unbelievable time;  
Todd Braje 15:29:24, 
Mark Godale 15:48:35

I am really trying to stay as true to the training plan as possible since I am so prone to injury and last year with sticking to the program I had no problem so today I spend more time with Chalene doing weights and Cardio.

Burn Intervals - 45 mins
Lean 1 - 30 mins my son join me to finish this since he was just getting back from volunteering at the food bank, so I added more cardio for him so we did
Burn it off - 20 mins, he was extremely humbled by this workout and his actually going to commit to doing the Chalean program for the rest of the summer, 2 weeks for each phase instead of 4.

Picked up another pair of Adidas Response 17 since it was on clearance, so far this shoe is working for me better than any of the other ones I have.

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