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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hanging with Chalean again

I think for the first time in a long time my energy level is coming back and I am beginning to feel like myself again, for the first time this year I actually had energy and the desire after work to tackle my yard which looks more like a jungle, I have to take a picture tomorrow, I love this path way, it is so inviting and when the butterflies and hummingbirds are around it is even more livelier.

Got up earlier today and did my 1k interval and I have to say that it felt great and I didn't have to slow to a work after the 5k pace to catch my breath and was able to just keep running in and out of hard and easy with no problem. After the run, I added one of my favorite strength workout from Beachbody Chalean Extreme Push 1 since it targets mainly the arms and legs, also kept my eating in  check today, hopefully I can start working on losing the 10# that is sitting in my mid section. Dynamic Flexibility after the 1 mile warmup run.

Am looking for a new hydration system, I have a Nathan Handheld that I love but I need something for longer runs that either goes on my back or waist. I am thinking maybe get a multi bottle system since it will be nice to have multiple things to drink instead of the same thing for long runs.

I need to get back on the trails, ready miss running with the groups and the strength my legs got from all the hills.

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