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Monday, May 10, 2010

Hoping to get my Mojo back

Life since to be getting back to normal and I am ready to ramp my training back up, I made so much gain last year that I was looking forward to capitalizing on but life tthrew me a curve ball so I am really back to square one speed wise.

I signed up for Akron Marathon in Jan, so that is on the schedule but I need to do some races before then just to figure out where I am. Right now I am thinking of running the Lake Health Distance Classic Half with my neighbour on 6/6 ran this last year so it will be a good gauge nice and hilly course and there is a race on 6/16 just because it is on my birthday I feel obligated to run and I need to think of some more before or after Akron. Oh, I am also thinking of doing a race in London in July when I go down to visit my brothers.

Saturday was my longest run of the year - 7 miles

Sunday - Yoga for Runners

Monday - 3.5 miles- base pace run , I was really scheduled to do 4.5 but got out of bed late just too cold

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