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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This is the part of Fitzgerald's training that I always get in patient with evn thou I really know the value of it. I have done this training nprogram twice and know how invaluable keeping to this particular part is, but it is so hard not to want to go a little faster.

Normally, the second workout of the week is running at recovery pace for 1 - 2 miles follow by a hard run and then back to recovery pace for another 1-2 miles. It is so hard to stick to the recovery pace but I force myself to stick with the program, the first time I did this program instead of running at recovery pace I was pushing it into the lower end of the base pace but the ptoblem becomes when the hard workout came around I was getting too fatique to properly complete them, because they do get harder as the weeks go by.

Today's workout
Dynamic Flexibility
1.5  miles warmup @ recovery pace
1x30 sec @ 10% incline - relaxed sprint speed
1.5 miles @ recovery pace cooldown
Leg Workout

Am sticking with the same TPL from last year (43) so

Recovery Pace 12:12 - 10:52
Base Pace 10:51 - 9:54
Marathon Pace 9:20
Half Marathon Pace 9:02
10K Pace 8:36
5k Pace 8:17
3k Pace8:03
1 mile Pace 7:38  which will then mean if training goes according to plan I should be able to run

5k 25:46
10K 53:29
HM 1:58:34
M 4:04:50 

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