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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wonderful workout today, just love it when things come together, getting to bed on time seems to be part of the secret.

Had a banana before my workout this morning;

Dynamic Flexibility

1 mile @ recovery pace
1x2k @ HM pace/90 sec rocovery
1x1mile @ 10k pace/90 sec recovery
1x1k @ 5k pace/90 sec recovery
1X800m @ 3k pace
the rest to 8 miles 10k pace to recovery pace

8 miles - 10:14 average pace

Barry's Bootcamp Mission Specialist Lower Body Advanced - 12 mins


4 miles - 10:05 avg pace
Dave Dearth Rock and Roll Total Body Workout, this is a nice gem work the total body in 20 mins, starting out with the multiple pushups fatigue the whole body making the rest of the workout intense, started out with 15# weights but dropped down to 12# except for the single hand workout.

Workout accident today, accidentally release the band from my right foot while doing the last workout on Barry's LB, so the plastic handle hit me hard on the top of my lip on the right drawing blood, added ice afterward but it is still quite painful there doesn't seem to be any damage to the tooth.

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