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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Robert Sherman Cycle Challenge on Spin Bike - Warm up + Speed Ride and Core Conditioning

Dave Dearth Rock and Roll Total Body Workout

Kettlebell Workout (12kg)

Hand to Hand Swing-10
1 hand swing (L) - 10
1 hand Swing (R) - 10
Repeat 2 more times and finish with an extra Hand to hand Swing to make it 100 Swings total

Bottoms up - 10/side
Clean and Press - 10/side
Windmill - 10/side

Flex your Power from Oxygen Magazine 07/09 - 12 reps using blue supreme pilates band

Warrior 2 with triceps extension
Side Plank with lateral Raise
Boat Pose with shoulder press
Warrior 1 lunge with pulldown
Chair pose with biceps curl
Warrior three with mid back row
Bridge pose with glute activator

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