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Thursday, November 19, 2009

2 mins drill from The Belly Off Diet Book by Jeff Csatari this is actually a very good book once you get past the title, love the simplicity of the program you can always get a decent workout in as little as 2 mins, no excuse not to workout and absolutely great for runners.

2 mins drill
Jumping Jack 30secs
Prisoners Squat 30 secs
High Knee Skips 30 secs
Pushups 30secs
Crunches 30 secs
Mountain Climbers 30secs
Bodyweight Thrusters

Dynamic Flexibility

1 mile at recovery pace
1x2miles @ 10k pace
Alternate 0.1 @ 10K and 0.1@1 mile pace for 1 mile
Total of 4 miles

I was really suppose to run 2x3k @ 10K pace but just wasn't feeling it so changed the workout to what makes me happy, this is suppose to be fun not a chore.

100 Bodyweight Workout (1 round as a finisher)
Prisoners Squat 20 reps
Pushups 20 reps
Jump Rope 20 reps
Chinups 5 reps
Forward Lunges 20 reps
Close Grip Pushups 15 reps

Picked up the orthotics today, so far the right foot feels good, suppose to get use to them before running in them but the left is killing my toes, they are going numb so I need to take them back for an adjustment.

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