Miles to Health

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dynamic Flexibility

Mixed Intervals
1 mile @ recovery pace
2k@HM pace/ 1min recovery
1 mile @ 10K pace/ 1 min recovery
1k@ 5k pace/1min recovery
800 meters @ 3k pace
ran to 5 miles @ base pace

Chalean Extreme Push 2 ship warmup

Namaste Yoga Songbird Series 20 mins


3 miles @ base pace, was suppose to run 6 miles but wasn't feeling great so stopped at 3.
Chalean Extreme Burn 2 - skip warmup

Rest day, my sister's wedding lots to do

Rest Day, a friends daughter's funeral, died all of a sudden, basically dropped dead after teaching a class just 31 years old. I was just emotionally and physically spent.

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