Miles to Health

Monday, October 12, 2009

So in an effort to break the "Monday no run" curse I decided to get up today and do my scheduled run regardless of how slow it was going to be. The usual excuses came up, Am cold, am tired need the rest doesn't recovery happen during rest, my leg hurt, well it always hurt, it's late well do as much as you can. So got up and changed, not quite sure why Monday workout became hard but let's go slay the dragon.
Well, it was an effort to do the first mile, so after it stopped and stretch, then another mile another stretch, 2 miles stretch and finally 2 more miles and then a thorough stretch. So got through 6 miles with about 10 minutes of stretch, so it's not pretty but I got through it and it made my stressful work day so much nicer.

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