Miles to Health

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Final run before the race today and it felt great.

Dynamic Flexibility
1 mile @ recovery pace
2 miles @ HM pace
1 mile @ base pace with 3 striders at 1 mile pace
Barry's Bootcamp Lower Body Advanced-12 mins
Steve Cotter Kettlebell Core/Standing Abs - 10mins

Well, I guess you just can never pick a good time for an out of town race, it seems like everybody in the house got invited to a function this weekend, didn't even think about the fact that Saturday was Halloween since we do not celebrate (okay so we have the light On and give out candy) it, I have to pick up my race packet Saturday and the best part of a race is the expo regardless of how small it is, just meeting like minded people is great. I gave everyone a get out of jail card, their choice if they want to come either way I will be fine with it.

I reschedule the MRI for my right foot for next Monday, it is getting better but not 100% so I really need to know what is going on, figure out any problem should show up quite nicely after the race and the 2 hour drive back is not going to help.

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