Miles to Health

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Woke hope feeling better today, after skipping my 5 miles run yesterday due to my feet hurting quite bad, so decided to go ahead and do the scheduled mixed interval for today, form was perfect and no excess stress needed and was able to stick with the pace

Dynamic Felxibility

1 mile @ recovery pace
2k @ HM pace/3 mins recovery pace
1 mile @ 10k pace / 3 mins recovery pace
1k @ 5 k pace
finish up to 5 miles @ base pace

Barry Bootcamp Mission Specialist Lower Body Beginners and Advanced, this workout is just such a wonderful complement to running and I think I gained the best strength in my leg when I was doing it regularly, short and to the point, 12 mins each and you are done, each exercise goes for 1 min then about 30 sec rest while Cindy explains the next move, trust me you feel it and know you are working your legs and butt muscle.

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