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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Worked out with Coach Troy this morning doing Runervals 2.0 Treadmill Tempo, wow this was hard but in a sadistic was fun, better than just running straight tempo miles in between warmup and cool down miles, I stayed at the 10k pace required by my training program but changed the incline as given by Coach Troy. At the beginning they gave a run down of the program for example 4x90sec @ base pace+3mph, 3% incline with 30sec off, doesn't sound too back until the program started and I realized that the 30 sec off was just off the incline and not off the speed, so you stay at the same speed for the 8 mins. So it ended up being a nice rolling hill tempo run, there was 3 different set of workout pus warmup and cooldown finish there cool down still at tempo spreed then did one more mile for my cool down at recovery pace per my program. 6 miles @ Added on 4DS shoulder, calves and core, also did Dynamic flexibility before my run and 4DS stretch after.
Slight pain/tightness in my right heel not sure from what.

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