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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Akron Marathon Relay

So I had my work team together again this year to run the Akron Marathon 5-person relay, it is amazing how much they have all grown as a runner, they actually did long runs, speed work and practice races just to get a little faster. Our time last year was 4:33 and they wanted to beat that time.

I went downtown Akron with my neighbor Jennifer, a new runner doing the relay with her co-workers and this was her first big race, it was nice seeing the race through fresh eyes. Left the house by 5:15am and was able to park very close to the finish line and it was a perfect location for Jen since it was by her exchange point.

Met up with my team members, someone sang the national anthem and then they were off, it took the people in the back with us almost 5 mins to cross the start line, I then cross over to the first exchange point with Dick to see our team member come in so we could estimate how we were doing. Well, Dick all this quick calculation and came up with the fact that I need to get to him by 10:02 am for him to be able to finish around 4 hours, am leg 4, he is 5. I also wanted to see some running friends since this race is about the only time I see them

So off I went to catch the bus, got to Sand Run, use the porta potty and waited around, saw the leaders go by, then had to use the porta potty again. Since I was at the Metro Park, did my warmup on the buckeye trail but couldn't do much because I was concern about missing my team , it was a good thing since they didn't call his number when he came by and I just happened to see him, did dynamic flexibility too. Well, off I went we are about 7 mins behind so it means I really need to run hard no walking up the hill to get to the last exchange point on time. I ran mile 1 too fast but I know that was probably going to be it since it was uphill from now on, but I survive and got to the last exchange point at 9:58am then I decided to keep going with my team member, I had 12 miles on my training schedule and running 2.8 miles and going to catch the bus back to the stadium and doing my run later in the day seem pointless. Ran 7.2 additional miles, got off the course before getting too close to the cheering crowd since this was no longer my race.

Walked over to the stadium, got my post race meal and my 2 beers then went to find the rest of my team mate and Jen.


Broadview Heights, OH
Age: 99
Clock Time4:07:17
Chip Time4:04:29
Overall Place425
Division Place297 / 682

Got back home too a nice hot bath, a cold water soaking was out of the question, I think I was cold enough then took a nice long much needed nap before having to get down to watch my son at the Aurora Band Show where I sat in the rain for 2 hours watching different schools perform then back home for another hot shower.

Elevation (ft.)

Avg Speed
Max Speed
Avg HR
Max HR
108:29 07:13 152 169
210:50 05:32 162 169
309:09 05:50 166 173
409:20 07:41 164 173
509:03 05:23 165 177
609:50 06:58 158 164
710:44 08:18 157 165
810:20 08:53 152 158
909:47 07:59 153 159
1009:31 08:05 150 167
1108:48 10:04 160 160

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Sensationally Red said...

Isn't it amazing how big the Road Runner is growing? Never saw you...once. Your blog always reminds me that I need to do my cross-training. I've been very slack!