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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Woke up Saturday with tightness on the outside of my ankle on both leg, since the pain was identical I knew it was from the 3 miles barefoot running which I was expecting since this where muscle that normally don't get use with shoe on and 3 miles was a lot at once, most I have done previously was 1 mile at pine hollow and since that was on the trail probably more forgiving. Massage the pain location, walk around for a while to loosen things up, ate a cranberry orange scone and mixed up a packet of ZizZazZ tangerine energy drink (I like that this product does not have sugar and it is loaded with vitamins but wish it has a little bit of sodium. I never crash from it and it taste great) Due to making sure my ankles were thoroughly warmup before leaving the house, I left later than expected which means I was going to be running late for my dental appointment, will not have time for a ice bath or thorough stretch.
Left the house at 8:35am should have left around 7:30am, changed the route up this week, went down route 43 as usual but headed to the ABC streets,enjoyed running there last week so added them this week, so ran all the way down to G, then the plan was to zizzag across between Inwood and orchard.
Halfway through G, 2 cops cars came flying down with lights ON but no siren, stopped a couple of feet ahead of my get out of car with guns drawn so I crossed the street to te other side, not sure what was going on but wasn't staying around to find out either, so ran down orchard to get to F, half way through, 3 more cops also with guns drawn, so turn around and headed off to E, since I am running on the left side only get to D before heading back to Solon Rd and then back up to SOM center, then off to CVS in Twinsburg since that is still the pit stop, got there after 7 miles, took Carboom double espresso before getting to CVS, at CVS use the restroom and bought a bottle of water.
Instead of going down Glenwood, I headed back up to Solon, since Pettibone it now under construction all the way to SOM, I can run straight through. Okay this was suppose to be a progression run, start at the bottom of the base pace and work my way up to half marathon pace for the last mile. My legs were still tired/heavy when I started so just ran by feel and didn't look at the garmin to get them warmup since the warmup walk didn't do much, base pace (10:51 -9:54) HM pace (9:02), not quite sure what happened with mile 5, can't remember slowing down unless if I was crossing a street or making sure a backing out driver saw me before crossing, my legs felt better has I move along and then by mile 9 I decided I didn't want to do the fastest mile at 12 since I wasn't going to get that much time to stretch so mile 11 was going to be the fastest mile with 12 as cool down. So at mile 11, I went out targeting 8:36 for some reason that what was stuck in my head, I was really bum that I could only kickout 8:51 so started cool down at mile 12 but realize I was still a good mile from the house, so after mile 12 even though I was incredibletired and my legs fried I tried for 8:36 again still didn't happen, oh well, time to cool down, shower and get to the dentist. Wore the danskin skort definitely not meant for long distance for me too much fabric in the compression short and it get on ridding up, also there was some kind of a knot or whatever that bruise my right tight.

Avg Speed
Max Speed
Avg HR
Max HR
111:00 09:34 140 180
210:47 09:23 141 151
310:51 06:02 138 147
410:32 07:05 140 148
511:57 07:20 142 147
610:45 08:26 144 158
710:37 07:43 147 158
810:32 09:07 144 163
910:22 07:17 145 157
1010:37 08:33 149 166
1108:51 05:32 162 175
1210:21 08:14 156 168
1308:56 06:46 163 189
1410:50 08:05 157 167

Since I was so busy all day yesterday and didn't get a chance to get to my workout room till this morning to record my workout, I didn't realize I was suppose to be running a 9:02 pace and not 8:36.

13.5 miles 2:21:38 10:29 avg/pace

Let's talk about nutrition, so I ran for almost 2 and a half hours and had one scone, 12 oz mix of ziz zazz, 1 carboom and 12 oz bottle of water, am I fueling enough for optimum performance (what ever that is), I read lots of blog and people talk about taking salt tablets, this and that to prevent this from happening or to be able to do ....

In the time I ran those 13 miles someone is done with 26 miles, okay I may never be that fast but could I have done 15 if properly fuel, am still new at all this athletic stuff and I think reading blogs/books makes it more confusing, nutrition is something I struggle with alot, (well along with pacing ) I really just started eating (banana or scone) before my run normally I will drink a cup of accelerade(good sick of the blue raspberry) and was good to go. I am a salty sweater, I finish most runs with salt residue all over my face, should I be taking salt tablets.

I like running for the fun of it but I also like to see that I am getting better and improving in speed, form and pacing just like I enjoy deadlifting 50# it was nice to see that I could deadlift 100# and still keep my form.

I am running the second leg of the Akron Marathon Relay next weekend.

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duchossois said...

You are getting in some good long miles. Nice work. Now that you are running longer distances, getting the nutrition and hydration right is more important. You know the basics, so you simply have to find out what works best for you. I like what Pfitzinger says about nutrition in his book 'Advanced Marathoning'.