Miles to Health

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today was 1k intervals, I decided to give the Running Mate Lamp Post Drill a try, first time around instead of doing the short interval I did my required 1k @ 3k pace with 3 mins recovery, the music was great and the segment actually workout pretty well, so did

Dynamic Flexibility
0.4 mile warmup
4x1k @3k pace with 3 mins recovery

then restarted the Lamp post drill and did it as required with 8mph for the first round and 9mph for the second with recovery at 4-5mph, 4 mins recovery at 6mph, stopped when I got to 6 miles and cool down then did Cathe Slow and Heavy Legs to finish things off.

Yesterday only did 3 of my 6 scheduled 6 miles run since my ankles were still kind of sore and then did Cathe 4Ds Chest & Back, going down the stairs was kind of painful felt like I just ran 26.2 miles, massage and ice, no pain today.

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