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Friday, September 18, 2009

Got on the treadmill this morning for a quick easy 3 miles, this now makes 4 day straight of running. When I started the run, I had a old reoccurring problem of a rolled up sock under my right feet so I took the shoe off to fix the sock but then decided to run with just my "I love my MBT" sock guy sock. I have been wanting to do this for a while and I have to try and do this more often, since my right feet has been injured for so long, almost 2 years now, I did change my gait and running form with it getting better now I need to start making slow adjustments. The main change I made was shifting my weight to the left while running so I land hard on the left since the right is injured I do not heel strike but with so much weight on the left I was heel striking, I can hear the sound when I run and try to correct for it but it is harder to focus due to everything going on around me but on the treadmill the sound is loud and obvious when I land wrong and with just sock heel striking wasn't fun. When I land perfectly, there is no sound and it feels like am floating, half way into mile 2 I got the form down and was able to move the pace to 6mph and half way into mile 3 moved it up to 7mph and it felt great. So 3 miles @ 10:22 pace

After work did 19 mins on the stepper, I have been doing this barefoot for about 3 months now, my aero stepper has nice padded wide footbed that are very comfortable.

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