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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Took the day off work today, so as to finish getting all the necessary college stuff for my son, it was a long day trying to squeeze so much in. Started the day out right with with 4 of the 6 miles I missed Monday, I had no problem doing 6 but I did feel like running around the cul-de-sac so just did one giant loop around the area and called it a day. Got back home did 4DS chest and back which was also missed on Monday and then Pilates Perfect Arm. I plan on running tomorrow if I can wake up on time we have to get to OSU early to get him unpack and settle before we have to go to a parent meeting from 1-4 for the program he is there early for. So I think this will be the first time I am running 3 days in a roll, will see what happens.
Avg Speed
Max Speed
Avg HR
Max HR
11.00 09:53 08:17 165 186
21.00 09:48 07:57 146 178
31.00 09:56 06:47 151 175
41.00 09:46 07:32 161 174
50.00 08:07 09:37 163 163

First stop Walgreen for passport pictures, next post office to apply for US passport for my son, next doctor's office for yearly physical, lunch at Ruby Tuesday, Target for Supplies, Marshall for new wallet, his wallet basically came apart at the post office, Walmart for supplies Target didn't have the right BBQ chips, then son #2 called staying after school for Chess Club then will go to band practice from there which means I need to bring dinner to school before band practice, now we are packing up, wow there is so much but I will prefer for him to have toom much than be without.
It is going to be so hard without him but I think it will give me a chance to focus more on son #2, although I am not sure he is looking forward to it.

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