Miles to Health

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Took the day off from work today since my youngest has freshman orientation, so decided to sleep in after all the run around yesterday and get in my workout after the orientation. According to my pedometer(my department joined some kind of program by Ohio businesses to get their employees healthy but now the president of each division have a wager going on, their are 12 groups all together from my company involved), we put in close to 2 miles at the school from the building tour to trying to find his classes and trying to find the easiest way to get to them since he only had 5 mins between classes.

Did 35 mins on the stepper, I have been doing this barefoot since the steps are slightly cushioned, in an effort to strengthen my ankle and feet follow that with CLX Lean 3 and CLX Burn it off. The schedule also called for yoga and Abs so I cheated and did yoga belly series 1 which is a combination of yoga and abs.

Spent the rest of the day just hanging with the kids.

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