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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Didn't get up to workout this morning, well was wide awake since my husband is still jet lag and so was chatty and hungry, so what the hell gave up the workout but they were on their own for dinner.

Didn't go to trail group run today due to my son having band practice, so was going to run outside after I dropped him off, but them practice got canceled and it began to rain, oh well to the basement by the time it stopped raining I was in no mood to go outside.

The run was hard my legs felt fine for a change but I couldn't breath, the plan called for

1 mile @ recovery pace (5-5.4mph)
3x1 mile @ 10k pace (7mph)
1 mile @ recovery pace

the 1 mile interval was a struggle I just couldn't keep up the pace for the whole 1 mile, my breathing was hard and I was sucking air really badly so decided to walk recover then continue, I just couldn't control my breathing no matter how hard I tried. I did consider calling it a day after 2 miles but nothing was hurting I just couldn't control my breathing so just changed to more frequent walking breaks to finish it up, by mile 5 my breathing was better so I added an extra mile, taking total miles to 6 and then did 30 mins incline walk.

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