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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monday morning there was no getting out of bed early to do my run or weight training, I was extremely tired and decided to listen to my body so rolled over and pulled the covers up and slept for 2 more hours. The 12+ miles on saturday + the dancing was probably the culprit and the fact that instead of resting Sunday I was house cleaning. I really hate missing mornign workout and I could tell everytime based on how sluggish my body is all day, always feel like I need a nap by midday.

After work was suppose to go down to Pine hollow for hill training but since the scheduled workout of the day was still missing, had to go home to get that in, this is a cut back week so it was 4 miles at base pace and then CLX lean 3, I have gotten some significant weight gain with this program, still hate the warmup so hasn't done it in a while and the cooldown is minimal so have to add more on my own and this time it was 10 mins of yoga poses to stretch the legs and feet. Finish late so wasn't sure if I was goin gto make it out of bed early Tuesday, slept like a rock.

Tuesday, had the alarm set for 5:30am instead of the usual 4:30 just because I know I needed more sleep but was able to get up with the alarm, I access my body for fatigue and pain, with none to speak off headed off for a run and weight training. Today's workout calls for

1 mile @ recovery pace (12:00 - 10:52)
5 x 400 @ 3k pace (8:03) with 400 recovery (12:00)
1 mile @ recovery pace (12:00 - 10:52)

Did Dynamic Flexibility to warmup, before starting the run

Barry's Bootcamp Mission Specialist Lower Body Advanced (short but effective)

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