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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Met up with Kurt, Patty, Don, Maria, Chris and Ron this morning at Pine Hollow to run about 10 miles on the trail, at least that was the intention, by taking the eastern part of the Wetmore trail head to the south side, jump onto the valley trail to Bolanz to refuel. Head back on the Valley trail to Robinson field and take the Lang trail to the Wetmore trail head. Taking the western/northern Wetmore trail back to Pine Hollow, aprox. 6 mile out and 4 miles back. Well, Maria had 12 on her schedule so we added a 1.2 mile loop from Bolanz (Hunts Farm area) to the covered bridge, we met Amy at Bolanz and she did the loop with us, when we got back to Bolanz saw Deb on her bike, haven't seen her in a while due to injury.

We must have done something wrong on the way back because it took us much longer and we all felt that we ended up with about 12.5 miles or more. We came out by the lake and I was able to run all the way up the hill to the packing lot without stopping. During the run, I was able to stay in the middle and felt pretty good, Patty is really fast and my goal was to stay on her heel as much as I can then back off when fatigue sets in but I was able to hang in and recover on hill climbs or during navigation confusion.

On the way back, stopped at Bruegger bagel and picked up a Spinach & cheese omelet on a asiago parmesan bagel, probably more calories than I need but it was a treat and worth it. Got home did Long and lean a really nice and thorough stretch that focus heavily on the lower body then soak my foot in cool water before showering and getting ready for a friends 60th birthday party.

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