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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Willoughby Hills Lions Club Run for the Hills 10K

This race wasn't on my schedule and I wasn't planning a race this weekend since I had a lot of yard work including spreading mulch so as to get the yard ready for my son's graduation party next wekend. I took Friday off work so as to get a jump start on the yard work but spent half of the day getting my tire replaced and fixed. Cleaned off the Hosta bed and prep the other bed for planting, also the 7 yards of mulch was delivered. I was suppose to run 4 miles yesterday(Sat) but didn't feel like it and also didn't feel like my Friday's workout, so while spending all day weeding, planting and mulching I wondered if there was any 5 miler or 10K race today, found 2, Run for the Hills and a Most Excellent Race. The Hills won out, nothing like knowing there is a nasty hill half way through the race, I know I wasn't prepared for this race and after 2 days of yard work was tired but at least I get to get the miles in and stay on schedule.

Woke up at 6:30am and felt great, since this wasn't on my schedule, haven't really planned for it so had to go around the house getting my running stuff together. Had a slice of wheat bread with peanut butter and some water and left the house around 7:15am. Got to the park and went over to register, this was a relatively cheap race $15 for race day registration, got my t shirt and environmentally friendly shopping bag and went back to the car to drop it off, then I was wondering where is my bib and timing chip, okay timing chip I can understand but no number, this was a first.

So no timing chip or number when you come in through the chute they call out your time and give you a stick with a number, the stick correspond to the called out time, then you take the ticket to the registration booth where they ask your name and age and put the stick number next to your name. So I guess then they have to match the names with the number, to the number with the time so as to decide your placing. Sound cumbersome but the race is 31 years old so it must be working and it is a relatively small race.

It was a fun race, going through the park, a little bit confusing since we had no bib number and there were lots of runners out including cross country teams but the Lions club members were out in full force at most of the confusing section to direct us.

I was hoping I could do this in 53mins but with limited training (okay no training after 2 weeks off), 2 days of yard work and a big hill at mile 3, I was really hoping to just finish in under 60 mins.

I was fine with the first 3 miles but could tell that I was loosing steam and when the hill started at mile 3 so did all pain from the squating, bending and weeding during yard work so I knew I was done, ran up the hill for a bit then walked the steepest part and then went back to running but there really was nothing left, I was just going on to keep it under 60 mins, I wasn't in any pain just fatigue and my legs refusing to move.

Finish the race back in the park, the guy called out my time then change it then change again then I got my stick #98. Went back to the picnic area and got watermelon and banana, did a slow jog to cooldown and then went back to cheer in the rest of the runners. Waited around for the award ceremony but it was taken too long and I needed to be back home in time to shower and change for the 11:15am church service so left around 10:15am since they were still compiling the data.

This is a no frill race and I really enjoy it, can't wait to do it again next year after I actually train for it. The volunteers were great, the course wasn't completely close but the cops and Lions club members did a good job directing and controlling traffic. For $15 it was a good way to get a long run in and meet new friends.

Official time: 57:10

Route:--Elev. Avg:791 ft
Location:Wickliffe, OHElev. Gain:+6 ft
Time:08:31 AMDifficulty:2.8 / 5.0


73 F temp; 66% humidity

73 F heat index; winds S 12

Distance:6.21 miles

Speed:6.5 mph

Pace:9' 12 /miHeart Rate:166 bpm (Avg)
191 bpm (Peak)
Elevation (ft)
Pace (min/mile)
Heart Rate (bpm)
Heart Rate Zones
In Zone
In Zone
Zone 5184 - 2040h 00m0% 0.02 mi
Zone 4163 - 1840h 49m86% 5.28 mi
Zone 3143 - 1630h 09m16% 1.14 mi
Zone 2122 - 1430h 00m0% 0.00 mi
Zone 1102 - 1220h 00m0% 0.03 mi
(none)out of range0h 00m0% 0.01 mi
MilePace (min/mile)Speed (mph)Heart
actual+/- avgactual+/- avg
18' 08-1' 047.4+0.8161-96 ft
28' 33-0' 397.0+0.5167-42 ft
39' 00-0' 126.7+0.1168+19 ft
411' 21+2' 095.3-1.2167+160 ft
510' 06+0' 545.9-0.6165-13 ft
69' 20+0' 086.4-0.1167-13 ft
end9' 26+0' 146.3-0.2169+3 ft
Versus average of 9' 12 min/mile

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