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Friday, December 19, 2008

This was a very long day, had to get to work early to run a pilot plant charge at a rental facility and was there till 10pm, could get in my workout in the morning since I had a restless night and finally dozed off around 3am so sleep in but got back from work at 11pm, changed and did a quick 4 mins routine that I extended to 6, this is a modification from the 4 mins workout that I mention earlier

Chop 10 reps
Pushups 10 reps
Jumping jacks 30secs
Ab on ball 1min
staggered Pushups, left hand up-30 secs
Staggered pushups righ hand up - 30secs
BW Squat - 1min
KB Swing - 30 secs
Mountain climber - 1 min

Bloody Barbell Free 4 week workout by James Goulden Day 1

1A Back Squat 3x15 41,41,56
1B Pushup 3x15 Toe, staggered toe , staggered toe

2A Deadlift 3x8 41,56,56
2B Barbell knees to elbows 3x15 41,41,41

3A Bent over Row 3x15 56,56,56
3B BB Roll out 3x10 56,56,56

Skipped the sprint, instead did

10-20kg KB Swings 1 Burpee
10-20kg KB Swings 2 Burpees
10-20kg KB Swings 3 Burpees
10-20kg KB Swings 4 Burpees
10-20kg KB Swings 5 Burpees
10-20kg KB Swings 6 Burpees


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