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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Woke up late today so pulled out Ed Scow 4 mins Fat Loss Workout, figure out I could do multiple workout before my time was up, this was also another freebie from The 12 days of fitness giveaway


chop with 6# med ball 10 reps
pushup 10 reps

round 1
Decline pushup 30secs
Bodyweight squat 30 secs
Spiderman pushup 30 secs
jump squat 30 secs

round 2
Decline pushup 30 secs
Reverse Lunges 15 each side 25# DB
Close grip pushup 30secs
DB Squat 30secs 25# DB

Round 3
Renegade row 30 secs 25#
Reverse plank 30 secs
Close grip pushups 30secs
Lunges 30 secs 25#

Round 4
Decline puspup 30secs
Mountain Climber 30 secs
DB Squat 30 secs 25#
Jump squat 30 secs

Cool down and stretch

I like the workout sequence a lot and I also like the ease of being to keep adding on until time was up, my upper body was very tired when done. Excellent workout, still got more to do including the tabata style workouts.

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