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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hip/leg are feeling much better but I am beginning to notice how weak and inflexible they are (considering that I wasn't too flexible to begin with). So the goal this week has been finding the right strength training program that I can do to improve strength and flexibility in my lower body. I also find out I need to get a new cross training shoe so as to be able to handle all the plyometrics and jump roping I am doing, it is kind of funny I track mileage on my running shoes but never do on my trainer and it just occur to me yesteday that I have probably been using the same trainer for close to 3 years, hardly ever wear them outside but also use on spinning bike and stepper in my basement.
I joined the 12 days of Christmas free fitness ebook give away this year again put together by Dax Moy, and one of the offer for today was Pain Free Knees by Christopher Warden just what I need, so will be trying to incorporate this into my training since I continue to have pain in my right knee even after 2 cortisone shot.
One of the goal for the rest of the year is to continue to lose weight or maintain, wasn't quite sucessful with Thanksgiving but that was by choice since I never make most of the African meal prepared and I wasn't going to pass it up, all good for me but in excess.
I weigh myself everyday once in the morning before working out for consistency, the number doesn't control my life or drive me crazy but it is an indicator for my last 2 days eating habit, yes found out my eating control my scale weight more than my exercise. A steady gain means am doing something wrong and I need to review my journal, there is no point waiting till I have gained 5 pounds to figure it out. People say go by how your clothes feel and throw the scale out but with most clothing having at least 1% spandex, you can gain close to 5 pounds and not know it. I lose weight so slowly but gain incredible fast, my body holds on to those fat cell for dear life but this year seems to have been a break through year with me staying on top of things.

Yesterday's workout: Cathe Push Pull + Firm Fast Series Hips, butt and Abs
Todays workout: P90 Sweat 3-4 + Ab Ripper 200

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Thanks so much for your support of Pain Free Knees! I hope it gives you the pain relief you seek -- please feel free to contact me if there's any way I can assist you further!