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Friday, December 12, 2008

Got up and did Kathy Smith Build Muscle Shrink Fat (formerly ultimate Sculpt matrix), did the 30 mins interval workout, I really like this workout since you are working upper/lower and core through out and the heartrate stays high due to all the leg movement. Then added on Real World Abs by Troy Anderson and Josh Henkin which was one of the free ebooks from the 12 days of Christmas giveaway day 1, only did round 1 &2 skipped 3 due to lack of time.

Round 1
Double Kettlebell Front Squat 4x6 15#, 15#, 16kg, 16kg
Kettlebell Woodchop 4x10 15#, 15#, 16kg, 16kg
30 sec rest (was suppose to be 90 sec but HR was fine within 30)

Round 2
Straight Set
Max Hold Plank 2xmax hold 90sec, 100 sec
2 handed kettlebell swing 8x30 sec/30sec rest 12kg, 12kg, 16kg, 16kg, 16kg, 16kg, 16kg, 16kg

45 sec jump rope as finisher.

From the Pain Free Knees from Christopher Warden that I downloaded yesteday, I need to deal with trigger point on 3 major parts of my leg to help my knee, Rectus Femoris, Vastus Medialis & Vastus Lateralis. I pulled out the massage stick and foam roller yesterday and also this morning, I seem to have some nice kinks in some location and wow this really do hurt. I think I may schedule some ART with the Chiro Doctor for next week.

Got back from work early enough to try out 1 round of Caroline Radway's 12 days of Fitness giveaway KB workout.

Warm up : 3 mins jump rope + stretches

2 handed Swings 15/16kg
Double racked squat 10/16kg
2 arm row 12/16kg
2 handed Swings 15/16kg
2KB suitcase deadlift 15/16kg
KB Chest press on Stability ball 15/15#
2 handed Swings 15/20kg
Alternate lunges 10ES/20kg
2 KB Military Press 10/20kg pure failure, last rep was hard
2 handed Swings 15/20kg
Side Lunges 10ES/20kg
Windmill 10ES/15#
KB Crunches 15/15#
Russian Twist 12/15#
Get up sit up 10ES/15#
Bird Dog

Foam roll and massage stick on leg

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