Miles to Health

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I was able to get in 2 miles on Thursday after work, my hip felt pretty good but my legs were tired and heavy. It was so good to be running again, I got my strength training in for the week and I am still loving the changes in my body.

Today was going to do my normal 5 mile run from Solon to Twinsburg but decided to go to the gym since it was raining and cold, got in 5 miles on the treadmill using Cardio Coach Volume 8, this was an interval tempo workout and I love it, I was able to keep a good pace and my left hip/leg hurt a bit at the beginning but settle down 1.2 miles into the run, I am icing tonight to minimize the pain. The goal this week is to get at least 2-2 milers in and then another 5 miles, so as to be prepared for the 5 miler on thanksgiving day, am really looking forward to this since this will be my first away from home/Ohio race.


duchossois said...

It encouraging that you can run, as long as you are not going to do any further harm to your stress tear. Good luck with the 5-miler.

EbethS said...

Thanks for the warning, am going slow as advised by the doctor, and listening to my body since so as to stop when they pain starts. Yesterday felt really good probably the best I have felt since this time last year.