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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Woohoo Ran 2 miles :)

Well, this required quite a bit of mental preparing, considered running this morning but skipped it, with the excuse that I will be late for my 8:30am meeting but packed my stuff and put in car. Considered lunch time excuse too busy, after work excuse got to get home to make dinner since my son leaves early for band(he has been feeding himself before band for the last 5 weeks) after dinner, got on the computer, check email, check blogs, download on itune. Three hours after I got home finally decided to get it over with, couldn't find Garmin, took 10 mins to find, changed top, kind of chilly outside and finally finally got out the door and I survived. Minimal pain in both leg but still some what limited mobility on left but I survived, there was no need to walk since the pain was minimal and for the first time I kept the same pace

Warm up: 0.25 mile walk
Mile 1: 10:20 HR: 163
Mile 2: 10:21 HR: 165
Cool down: 0.25 mile walk

Got back home, did a 10 min section from Kathy Smith Tummy Trimmer DVD from library and cooldown Stretches from Runner Core DVD.

It really felt great. :)

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