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Monday, September 8, 2008

September Goal

So for September I will be using the Body Sculpting Bible for women by James Villepigue and Hugo Rivera for strength and I will slowly go back to running with supplement from Jump roping, Spinning and Stepper.

Since Yvonne has backed out of the Race for the Cure, am not sure if I am doing it or not, knowing I was going to do it with her means I will keep my pace slow and not really be competing but I am not sure if I will stick with the rule of slow running on my own and I have been off too long to go fast without asking for injury.

Am still putting a team together for the Akron Marathon at work since my Director wants to do it, we are a slow team and I will be running the last leg, still waiting for them to give me their form by Wednesday, so there is still time for someone to back out.

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