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Monday, September 8, 2008

15/21 + BuffMother Raise the Bar Workout Update

Yesterday was the last day of the 15/21 diet program and BuffMother Raise the bat workout program, at the beginning of the workout I use Dr John Berardi from Precision Nutrition Body Comp guide. Using a skin caliper 7 locations are measured 3x then using a measuring tape 8 locations are measured 3x, then a calculation is done to obtain body density, % body fat, Fat Mass and Lean Mass, so below is my result from the 3 weeks.

Skinfold Result using Calipers
Abdominal -8.67
Triceps -2.33
Chest -1.00
Midaxillary (b/w armpit and hip)
Subscapular (Shoulder blade)
Suprailliac ((Just above the hip)
Thigh -2.33

Girth Measurement using Measuring Tape
Neck -0.87
Shoulder -0.90
Chest -0.80
Upper Arm 0.23
Waist -7.77
Hip -4.47
Thigh -2.63
Calf -1.17

Weight -10.8
%Body Fat -3.5

I didn't follow the diet program as written mainly because it was designed for someone heavier than me and also a male, the food was a whole lot more than I normally consume so I adjusted the menu to fit me. From the diet I learn that measuring my food is really important and after work snacking is my weakest time, so I am finding ways to curb my after work hunger. I am really going to continue with the eating program in a modified way, breakfast/lunch is plenty of food for me but I will be adding extra fruit and vegetable, for dinner eating what the family eats but weigh it out.

I love the workout it was simple enough and easy to follow, I was able to add more to the workout as needed. My biggest surprise was the weight/inches I lost in my abs/waist.

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