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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My weight is holding steady and am not surprise, am 10# away for what I consider my goal weight, so it is going to be slow going from now on, my clothes fit so much better and I am actually seeing the making of a 6 pack somewhere. Final weigh in and measure will be Sunday am sure my teenage son is looking forward to that.

We spend Sunday in downtown Cleveland enjoying all the festivities they had, will post some pictures later decided to bypass the taste of Cleveland knowing that no good will come out of that one.

Late Sunday, I ended up with a lot of pain from my easy run on Saturday and probably all the walking, so I put in a call to the Dr. I feel like we are still missing something, am better but not really healing.

I am planning on doing the Race to Cure next weekend since I will be pacing Yvonne and am also probably going to do the 5 person relay for Akron.

Today's workout 35 mins on the stepper and Abs on the ball.

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Kim said...

Hey you should pass me at the Akron Marathon! I'm running it!!