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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Got a call from a friend last night, asking if I will run with her today, she has recently lost a lot of way and I gave her the challenge to start run/walking and to consider a 5k race. She has been doing this on the treadmill but have a problem going outside to run/walk by herself, so we met up at 8am today at Dodge Middle School, we walked round the track for warm up while watching the rec football team warm up for football and they had their own cheerleaders too. After the warm up we too off on the bike path running for 5 mins/walking 1 min, did that twice then at the halfway point which was at a playground, we did push ups and dips. Heading back we switch to 3 mins running since she was getting tired and then 1 min on and 1 off, we cooled down with another 400 meters walk and then did 20 walking lunges before stretching. My leg felt okay not the greatest but it felt good to run.

Got back home and did my scheduled workout

30 mins on the spinning bike using Podfitness

Squats 3x10 60#,60#60 BB
Knee ups 2x20
Romanian Deadlifts 3x10 60#, 60#, 60# BB
Ball Crunches 2x20
Leg Curl 3x10 60/80/80 Bowflex
Standing High Knee 2x20
Cats/Dogs 2x3
Walking Lunges 2x20
Abs Vacuum

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