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Monday, September 29, 2008

Back to The Body Sculpting Bible for Women

I took last week from the BSBW program but back to it this week, since I am reducing my running am hoping this will be a good time to get some muscle definition.

1 min jump rope
1 min running in place with high knee
1 min rest
Repeat 3x

kettlebell double Arm Row-16kg - 15
Mountain Climber -16
1 min rest

Dumbbell Shoulder Press - 20kg-15
Standing Calf Raise- 20kg-15
Mountain Climber - 16
1 min rest

Dumbbell Curl -20kg -15
Overhead Extension 20kg KB failure for round 1 was 12, round 2 was 10
Mountain Climber-16
1 min rest

Dumbbell Squat - 20kg 15
Stiff legged deadlift - 20kg -15
Mountain climber - 16
1 min rest

5 pul-lups

Thorough stretch

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