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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Akron Marathon Relay

The whole purpose of Akron was just to have a goal after my 30 day injury break, my initial intention was to run the Marathon, with only one marathon under my belt with injury I wasn't sure I was ready for another one, so plan B Half Marathon but then my Business Director wanted to run and suggested a relay, I think I was already organizing a team before she finish her sentence, so the Emerald Flyers were born, since we were all middle/back of the pack runners and felt better with a name like Flyers.
Woke up at 5:30am, got dresses and ate my usual breakfast of toast and peanut butter, got to downtown Akron around 6:45am and parked at the library (parked in the same place last year but forgot where when I was done so walked all the way back to the start and retraced my step, that was really no fun.) It really was a perfect day in Ohio for a race and the crowd was out in full force.

Got to the start line at 6:50:21am and try to find my team.The front of the pack with everyone patiently waiting, off they went promptly at 7am. After the start I walked across to High street to see where everyone was for pacing, found Cindy, Bob, Mike, Brett, Kim and Debbie, then ran right back to the start to see the 2008 USA Women's 8K Championship, while watching them warming up and getting ready for the start spend sometime with the mascot's that were all to ready to pose for pictures.

After the start, went over to the Canal Park stadium for the 8K finish

The US record is 25 mins, watch that go by by but watch Sara Slatterry come in in 25:54 was too busy yelling and screaming and forgot to take picture, yelling and screaming to get her in in under 26 mins what an incredible finish for her. After I calm down I did remember the camera and took some pictures of some of these incredible women, I missed the first couple of women since they all came in within a minute
Jill Steffens 27:18

Erin Nehus
Carrie Messner-Vickers
Tara Storage (OH)
Lucinda Hall

Melissa Converse (OH)
Kara Storage (Tara's Twin - OH)

Tori BotticelliBecky Michael (OH)
Jessica Textoris
Catherine Fenster (OH)

I missed seeing Paige come in, since my cell went off and it was my second leg team mate, telling me she was no where near the area since all the roads were closed, so we had to figure out a way to get her to the leg 2 exchange area before the Dick (leg 1) person gets there but I did see Erin Nehus and Frank Vergara proposal
That's Katherine Switzer (first woman to officially enter and run the Boston Marathon)

Okay it was time to get to my exchange point, saw so many people and many I didn't even know remember me as the 50K lady or BR volunteer, okay so robbing a bank is out of the question. At this location I was also busy yelling and clapping I forgot to take pictures

Barb looking strong

Elizabeth bringing her team in ( I have to say she is one of the most cheerful runner I know, and I
love the fact that she doesn't just finish and leave but hang around to bring/cheer anybody she can in. I believe she went back to get somebody since I saw her on my way in)

My race went fine, first 2 miles were hard until my left leg found it's rhythm
M1: 10:33 181bpm
M2: 10:43 167BPM
M3:10:34 166BPM
M4: 11:18 164BPM
M5:11:01 164BPM
M6: 10:22 165 BPM
M7: 9:38 166BPM
M8 (.62 MILES) 12:10 170BPM slowed to talk to a girl that was having problems, especially since she was a marathoner it really wasn't the time to fade.

1:21:40 Team Finish 4:34

After my race found my team and waited for Kim and Mike to come in missed Cindy and Bob since they were right behind me and forgot to take a picture of Debbie since I was so excited to see that she did, what an incredible woman, to find out more about Debbie read Cindy's blog

Kim and Mike

My team + Jerry Marathoner (a coworker) Christy, Sara, Jerry, Me, Dick and his wife Laurie in front of him.

After the race, soak in tub, took a nap then had to get ready for a twin Bar mitzvah celebration at the Signature of Solon banquet hall. 3 Cosmos later along with a steak dinner I was having a blast on the dance floor and finally crawl into bed at midnight


E-Speed said...

Congrats on the relay finish Elizabeth! You did great! Thanks for the photo and for cheering! Boy were we all glad to be at the top of Sand Run at that point! (and yep I went back out to run in my cousin)

Sensationally Red said...

It was great seeing you Elizabeth. You took some excellent pictures!! Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself out there!