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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

10% Rule

Going thru my training journal I wonder about the 10% rule, when I strength train I keep my weight the same until it starts getting easy and I either increase the rep or up the weight, most of my strength routine are design for about a 4 weeks period. With the 10% rule I feel that my body is not getting a chance to adjust to the new distance before a 10% change the next week or two. I will like to focus on improving my speed since I feel I am capable of running faster that I do, this will be design like my strength training, holding the speed and distance steady until it gets easy then increase both speed or distance by 10%, all this will be done on the treadmill with the weekend long run outside. I feel I can track speed and distance better on the treadmill and how long it is taking me to reach failure, this will be the training plan for October, currently no race plan but I did find a 5 mile race in NY on thanksgiving day , spending TG with in laws.

Spinning this morning with Coach Troy, Spinerval Ultra Core Conditioning. I love this workout because of all the 1 legged leg drills, for the last abs blast routine I did plank variations.

I miss having a treadmill in the house and really need to start back looking for one, am just not a gym person. I love waking up and getting my workout in instead of doing it after work and if I have the extra energy or time after work then I don't mind a second workout.

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