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Monday, August 4, 2008

Just didn't feel like running today, nothing wrong just procrastinating. Instead of going to the rec center after work, I went home with the intention of picking up the kids and taking them with me, the I decided to make dinner before we went so my husband will have something to eat when he gets back, then the boys were hungry so they ate which now means we have to wait for the food to digest to prevent the puking effect. Went ahead and did Cotter's Lower body workout and 10 mins abs which were on the schedule after warming up with some jump rope and then decide to just go out and run. Off I went into the sunshine to run my ascribed 5 mins, it was hotter than I thought and I was a sweaty mess by mile 2. More pain than usual in my left leg.

The goal pace was 10:29 (52:25) didn't met that did it in a 10:57 pace instead (54:51), the goal pace is to have something to shoot for. The target for the training is to run a HM in 2:10 but I am training to run in about 2:00, with the hope of taking me out of my comfort zone.

The mizuno and the Her Sport Drymax socks was not a good combination.

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