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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

July Recap

Strength 15 Actual:13
Flexibility 15 Actual : 4 (Due to kind of strength training I did this month they came with their own stretch at the end, so I didn't add on more yoga or pilates)
Cross Training 15 Actual:10
Run Minimum of 100 miles (averaging at least 20 miles a week due to injury) Actual: Only did 89.80 miles, took a week off at the 50K to hel with the leg healing, although no change afterwards.

Race:Buckeye Summer 50K Complete, not the time I was looking for but with the limited training I di I was very happy to finish.

Get new running shoes Actual: Got 3 new running shoes, not sure any of the 3 is perfect yet.

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