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Saturday, August 16, 2008

I woke up this morning all set to run before remembering I was on a 30 day hold, so sat outside drinking my tea before going back in to the spin bike. Today's workout was a nice focus on my legs;

Spinerval Utral Leg Conditioning on the Spin Bike
Cathe Butts and Gut Floor Work
Cotter 10 mins Abs
Cosgrove Leg Matrix (nice finisher)
Cathe B & G Stretch

A reasonable amount of work on my legs and butt but they held up fine, I have been self massaging and foam rolling everyday and will be seeing the Chiro on Monday for more ART.

Yesterday, my Business Director ask if I will be part of the 5 person relay team for the Akron Marathon. Right now the only race left on my schedule for the year is the race for the cure 5K, since I do not have time to train for the buckeye or Akron half anymore, but I think I can train in 3 weeks for a 12k race (yes I will have to run the longest leg) if I maintain my endurance with other sport.

Diet wise I found an old quickstart program I have used in the past and it seems to be what Mike has faithfully followed, although I wasn't as dedicated has he was based on all the notes I have written on the cutout but still lost 12 pounds. I will start it on Monday and this will end just about the same time as when I go back to running.

Training wise I will be using BuffMother Raise the Bar Routine although just like everything else modifying to fit my schedule and goal.

I will take measurement/picture at the start and end so as to have a good measurement of progress. Start day is Monday, need to go shopping today and prep and prepare most of the food tomorrow for the week.

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duchossois said...

I am impressed with your commitment to your work-outs. You really do your research and plan well. Good work!