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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Decision Made

I have struggled with a hip/butt/leg injury on my left side since last November, thousands of dollars later I am still not where I want to be and still in a significant amount of pain. While in Chicago and running through the North Shore bike path (don't understand why they couldn't call it a bike and hike path, some of the bikers are pretty rude and do not beleive in sharing) I came to the realization that even though the current regiment of treatment is working, I really need to give my body a rest so as to completely heal.

The 4 miles I did was probably one of the best and painfree run I have had in a long time but it involve stopping and thoroughly stretching every mile. Each mile reminded me of how running was suppose to be and feel like, not the constant pain I feel while running. I do not take medication to mask the pain I have just going use to it.

Right now I have decided to stop running for about 30 days with the hope of healing my body and building some strength back into my left side.

This was a hard decision for me to make, at age 40+ I feel it is easy for me to stop than to start due to a lot of other responsibility and lack of close runners (no close friend or family member run or understand why I run). Which means really nobody to get me back out if I don't do it myself. Am hoping reading blogs and voluntering at races will keep me in the game.

In the main time, during the 30 day wait, I will refocus on my diet and also on building some strength, cardio will be spinning, stepper, kickboxing, elliptical or incline walking (4mph max). I hope I can start back on losing the next 10 lbs, I will probably do some kind of a quickstart or jumpstart diet since I am not running and it will be a good time for it. Cathe Butts & Guts will be a stable to build butt and leg strength and also work the core. Am also thinking of going back to Cosgrove's Real Fat Loss Fast workout since that had worked in the past or maybe try something new from the New Rule of Lifting Book.


Graham said...

It's a tough decision to put running aside when you don't have someone close by to remind you to get back into it --- I've gone through something similar and my couple of months off turned into over 9 months! But, I think your decision to get yourself healthy is a good one. And from my own experience keeping up with others running blogs is what got me motivated to get back into running. Stay close and connected to your blog-running community it WILL help and you'll be back in 30 days and stronger!!

Anonymous said...

You will recover and rebound! You will. Have you been following my progress on the diet Gailanne sent me? I think I have lost almost 20 lbs so far, but it is very hard to follow. If you remember, I was doing it at BR and tomorrow is the last day.

I wish you well. Your boys were very nice at the race, I was impressed.

FirmDancer said...

Hi Elizabeth - I went thru something similar to (although after a few tries at it, I ended up taking a full year off, which worked great!). The biggest impact was not losing the fitness or joy of running (and whatever sports I gave up). It was the fact that I lost my social network. You don't realize all the stories you share, jokes you laugh over, work & family vents you do while doing an event. Then all of a sudden that outlet is gone. I highly encourage you to stay involved in the sport; your thought of volunteering is a great idea - I wish I had done that.

EbethS said...

Mike- Going through my cutouts folder I found a 15/21 diet that I got out of the Oct 2002 Men's fitness magazine. I may do it again but according to my notes I added an extra apple and a 6 oz cottage cheese , pounds lost was about 12. Hopefully, I can stay as focus as you, congrats on the weight loss.

FD- Blogging is also helping past the time, I can see how other's races and training is going. Thanks