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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Went to the gym after work because it seems like the treadmill does not aggravate my injury like running outside does

warmup with 1 mile on the arc trainer, this took me 18:29mins not sure how this correlate to running but I was working pretty hard and it still took me along time to get to 1 mile

Tempo run today I was suppose to do 3 miles at 8:54 pace, wasn't sure I was up for that so change into an interval workout with the hope of eventually getting there so did

7x3 mins @ 6.7mph
recovery 7x1min @5.5

then pyramid up/down from 5.5 to 5.7mph so as to get to 4 miles which took 39:38 mins for a 9:54 pace, much better than yesterday and minimal pain.

After running I actually got in the pool today and did 6 laps and ended up in the hot tub for about 5 mins before calling it a day.

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