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Monday, July 28, 2008

Took the day off today to spend the day with my youngest since my oldest is away at band Camp, this tis opportunity I was able to get in a really good long workout.

Did Jari Ripped 1000, I hate those 70 pushups but was able to do most except for the last 10 on my toes, follow it up with Cotter's Lower Body Kettlebell workout (double 16Kg), this was hard and I was pouring sweat when done, also tagged on the 10 mins standing abs workout (15#. The main focus of today's training was the 4 mile run which I was dreading.

The goal for the 4 mile run was 41:55 (10:29) but I didn't make it my left leg just is still not there, when i pickup speed my right moves but my left drags alone so i change pace to accommodate the left and hopefully it will continue to get stronger. So did the 4 miles in 45:10 (11:17) this was really quite disappointing, taking the week off made no difference in my leg.


Saw the Chiro Dr. today for some ART on butt and hamstring.

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