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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Voluteered for the Muddy Paws 5miles/10miles race from Pine Hollow, was aid station #2 stationed at Kendall Lake parking lot, it was hot and humidy and all the runners were soak head to toe, my intention was to do a 4-5 mile run afterwards but after being up since 5:30am and being in the sun half of the day, all I wanted to do when we got home was take a nap, by the time I woke up it was time to go to a friend's daughter graduation party, so consider it a rest day but I was good at the party, ate a little and only had water.


Got up at 5am did 30 mins on the strpper and then got outside and ran 3 miles it was slow since by then it was already quite humid, took a couple of walk breaks, there was pain in my left inner thigh and knee, also pain in my right harmstring, finish off with runner-core cooldown.


Went to the dentist at 7:30am for cleaning and fixing of a broken filling, he suggested root canal which I decline, just fill it and let it be, so right now the tooth is sensitive to cold and heat. After teh dentist had to drop off a traditional material for sewing at the seamstress for a wedding in August, still need to sew a second one. 2:30pm was my second Active Release Technique, he focus on the right hamstring and the right inner thigh, after the treatment went to the rec center and 20 mins on the incline elliptical, 3 miles run and 10 mins on the stepper, got home made dinner, did some gardening and was able to go with the family for a 7:45pm showing of Hellboy 2.

After work did 40 mins of Tom Holland Total Body Workout A and then 2 miles at the music school. This was a miserable run every thing on my left leg hurts for some reason, I just can't imagine how I was going to do 29 more but the good part was I felt better when I was done so at least if I have to run/walk I should be fine.

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