Miles to Health

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Did Callanetics for your Hips and Behind in the am and then a nice easy walk in the pm with my husband. Lots of stuff going on at work- 3 of my guys got suspended now we are a really big fish in a little bowl.


Had to get to work by 6am for meeting with my operators as follow up with the incident that happened at work very long day and I did 1 round of TT barbel complex and 2 rounds of TT BW 100 and was in bed by 8:30pm extremely tired and stressed. Had a PT session did the electric thing for my back and the ultra sound for my butt, I have one more session with the PT not sure if I am going to schedule more, the Dr requested about 5 more but I have a high deductible insurance so I may have to decide after my visit withe the doctor but I think I just have to keep strengthen the leg and it will eventually get better.


Was suppose to meet up with Jen and the rest of the group for a 6pm trail run but the storm rolled in so fast and I decided it wasn't worth the rest of me getting stock in the storm during the run and also it was so hard leaving work since the storm was very bad. Picked up the kids from home and went to the rec center was able to do 6 miles before my youngest was really to go since they closed the pool and there was nothing for him to do. This was probably one of my fastest 6 mins in under 1 hour. :)

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