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Monday, June 23, 2008

Warm up using Kathy Smith Latin Rhythm Workout - Salsa Section

Heavy Set (3x10)
DB triceps Press 25#
DB Curl - 25#

TT Big 5 with DS modifications (12,10,8)
Step ups on 16" step
DB incline Chest Press 25#
KB Row - 44#
KB Bulgarian Split Squat - 24#
Hanging Knee Lifts

Floor Leg Routine using 20# thigh weighs

5 miles run using CC8

Leg Press (single leg) 80#-12, 85#-10, 90#-8
Leg Curl (Single leg) 65#-12, 70#-10, 75#-8

Since I am not running as much as I would have like, I have to come up with other ways to build endurance unto my legs for the 50K race coming up 7/19, Still working with a PT, I guess patience is the key but I am learning how to manage the pain, actually right now inactivity makes the pain worse.

Saw the PT today, I have her focus on my lower back since that seems to have more pain right now than my left butt/leg, she finish off by electric simulation of the back muscle and one more exercise was added to the bunch.

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Lara Croft said...

Hi there you must know a fellow solon resident? John Nolan?