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Sunday, June 22, 2008


Joint Mobility By Steve Maxwell
Floor Abs with Cotter

Warmup: All I can stand of Donna Richardson's Attitude Aerobics

Dumbbell Chest Press 25# DBs (50 total)
1 Arm Row 44#KB

Circuit A from TT Big 5 Circuit; 3x(12-10-8) 2 mins rest between
Squat 35# KB (70 total)
decline pushups
Inverted Row
Reverse Lunges 35# Kb (70 total)
Jack knives on SB

Jump Rope 10x100

Interval on Spin Bike
2 mins warmup
6 rounds 46secs on/90secs off
2 mins cool down

Yogamazing yoga for back basics

Then went for a very nice deep tissue massage with a new LMT I was just introduced she is definately a keeper.

Rest day, still some pain in the back actually more painful than the hamstring, seeing the PT tomorrow will see if we can concentrate on the back for now. Less than 4 weeks to the 50k and my training is no where near it should be but I am doing the best I can.

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