Miles to Health

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Here we are coming in at the half way mark, picture taken by Chef Bill

9 miles trail run after work with a much faster run every hill group, probably going to be really sore tomorrow

M1: 11:47 165BPM
M2: 10:26 166BPM
M3: 12:43 167BPM
M4:15:15 157BPM
M5: 10:33 161BPM
M6: 11:27 165BPM
M7: 16:49 159BPM
M8: 12:06 158BPM
M9:11:30 157BPM

Luckily I meant Jen who is recovering from an hamstring injury so was running slower than usual, she slowed down and stretch a lot so I ran with her mostly while the rest of the group ran off ahead. I did try keeping up with them for a bit but knew that was asking for trouble since I was still nursing an hamstring injury and my back hasn't been very happy with me lately, but it was a fun run and may run wit them if I can convince Jen to come out and run with me. Oh, we did get lot at the most unlikely places, we missed the turn for the Jaites parking lot and ran ahead but the grasses kept on getting taller and so we turned around and saw the little sign on our way back.

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