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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today's workout was Valerie Waters Action Hero 1 workout, like it but longer than I will like, sicne I don't have a valslide I use my gliding disc and it worked just fine

Movement Prep
Leg Swings --- 10 reps
Leg swings side --- 10 repsPlie squat --- Do 10 reps
Forward lunge --- 10 reps
Warrior lunge --- 10 reps

Circuit #1
Single leg glute bridge on foam roller --- 12 reps, switch sides
Valslide mountain climber (hands on med ball) --- 20 reps, each leg, alternating
Painful push away --- 20 reps
Kayaker --- 15 reps, each side (Did circuit 2 times.)

Circuit #2
Valband side steps --- 15 steps each way
Lunge/kick --- 15 reps, switch sides
Bentover row --- 12 X 12# DB
Romanian dead lift ---10 reps X 12# DB
Dumbbell chest press --- 15 reps X 12 #DB (Did circuit 2X)

Circuit #3
Bulgarian split squat ---10 reps X 512# DB
Shoulder press single --- 12 reps X 12 # DB
Valslide reverse lunge w/ front foot on yoga block --- 12 reps X 10# DB
Bicep curls ---12 reps X 12# DB
Dips --- 12 reps

On Bowflex

Wide Grip Pull down 3x12 30#, 35#, 40#
Close Grip Pull down 3x12 30#, 35#, 40#

Resistance Band Workout.

Abs roll out using Ab wheel

After work picked up the kids, not sure they were happy about this, it is the first day of summer break after all, and went to the rec center, did 5.5 miles on the treadmill using CC5 and then got in the pool for 6 laps and then the hot tub. Pain in left Shin and butt was severe during the first mile stop twice to stretch things out but felt better afterwards. Fastest pace was 7.6mph don't think i have ever gotten that fast on the treadmill since I have a fear of falling off.

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