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Monday, June 16, 2008

Well turned 41 today and feeling every bit of it due to the back and leg pain, in celebration of this special day, doing 41 reps workout. Started out this morning with 41 push ups and 41 ab crunch, planning on doing 4.1 miles after work and other bodyweight exercise before the day is over. No other big plan for the day and couldn't decide on anything that I want since I really have everything and what I don't have really isn't urgently needed.

After work went to the rec center and ran 8.2 miles, was only going to do 4.1 but felt great so double it, then came home and did 41 double swing and 41 jump rope. Topped it off with a big piece of ice cream cake from dairy queen.

Saturday did 6.3 miles significant pain in lower back and left leg but both felt slightly better and the pace was slow, this was also ran with a slight rain. Before the run did Leslie Sansone Firm up fast and after did stretching from Podfitness. Spent about 1 hour at the shaper image store trying out the massage chairs, did realize there were chairs for over $4000 but they were all heavenly on my leg and hamstring.

Sunday before having to supervise the boys on the father's day breakfast got in level 3 of 30 day shred and some stretches

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