Miles to Health

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It is so good to be back to some what of a consistent running program, there is still pain but with the doctor saying nothing is fracture, cracked or broken so irritated and sore, I feel more confident continuing with my training program with lots of stretches in between.

This morning did a quick 20 mins on workout on the spin bike, I bought a padded riding short on Saturday and boy did it make a world of difference, after wards did 20 med ball slam, 20 16" box jump and then did some upper body work with the band.

After work was able to squeeze in 4 mile because I had to take my son to Bass practice.

I have about 4 weeks before the 50K so I am hoping I can get enough miles in, longest run since the marathon has been 8.2 miles.

Seeing the PT tomorrow and planning on scheduling a deep tissue massage in soon, I think I need one.

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